5 Unusual Snow Activities to Keep You Delighted

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Depending on where you are, there’s a good chance you’re near everyone’s favorite white fluff. No, not Aunt Betty’s five Pomeranians. I’m talking about the cold stuff. The beautiful, powdery substance that falls from the heavens. The stuff that gives you a natural high.

That’s right, lovelies. Snow! It’s the only reason to leave your house when it’s colder than the Iceman’s scrotum.

Of course, you can count on the usual Snowlympic events. Diving in to carve out a snow angel. Or devil; nobody’s judging you here. And the classic snowman (person). Or dog. Or featureless blob. Whatever jingles your bells.


But, what if you’ve carved your angel and stacked your snow ma’am, and still have daylight to burn? The kids are high on sugar and need something else to do. Or you’ve binged every series on Netflix and haven’t been outside for a week.

You no longer have to ask yourself, “what are the coolest snow activities near me?” You can make them yourself, right in your backyard.

Here are five unusual snow activities that will provide hours of outdoor entertainment.

 5 Winter Activities for Adults

Give these snow activities a try and let us know how it goes. Better yet, send photos.

1. Keep your beer cold

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There’s nothing like a cup of hot cocoa on a cold winter day, amirite? But when Happy Hour comes knockin’, it’s time for an ice-cold brewski — hanging out in your backyard? Grab a brew. People watching out front? Snag a cold one. On the phone with Comcast? You’ll want back up.

Look, this isn’t Europe (for better or worse). We like our beer as we like our women, frigid and bitter. The good news is, keeping that brew cold is only a reach away. Grab a handful of snow and pack it around your beer. You may want to wear gloves, but who has the time for that?

If you’re on a snowshoe or ski/snowboard trip, you may want to end the day with an ice-cold brew. No problem. Dig a small hole in the snow and insert your beverage. Nature’s koozie. 

2. Build a snow cave

snow cave

A snow cave should keep you busy for a while. Snow caves are great for those deep powder days when you have a lot of snow. Grab a shovel. Dig the entrance to your cave, then dig a giant space inside. Big enough for a raging party. Make sure you ventilate the cave unless you want everyone to asphyxiate. If you want better instructions on how to build a snow cave, check out this guide on how to build a snow cave.

When you’re done, build a bar inside. Bring some of that snow inside and pack it in. You have plenty of snow to keep your beverages cold, and most liquors don’t freeze. Make a sign to advertise your adult “lemonade stand,” but keep it quiet in case you don’t have a liquor license. Prepare to be the most popular person in the neighborhood.

3. LARPing with icicles

©️  Jeff Boyd

©️ Jeff Boyd

Live Action Role-Playing (LARPing) is a popular game in some circles. You can be anyone you want for a few hours. Beating on people with foam weapons doesn’t sound so bad if you take a moment to consider it. What if you amplify the intensity by raising the stakes? Make those weapons a little more dangerous. Snap off a few icicles and wield those around— instant overlord status. But please, be careful. I don’t want to see you on the evening news unless it’s for your bad-ass snow cave bar.

4. Build a snow igloo


You build an igloo by cutting blocks and packing them together, stacked in a dome shape. Leave room for a doorway, and at the top for a vent. Breathing is important. Here’s a more thorough guide on how to build an igloo. Igloos have been keeping people alive for hundreds (or thousands) of years. Your igloo might be better than your house.

When you’re done, rent that bad boy out to people. A Brooklyn man listed his igloo on Airbnb for $200/night. You’re providing a premium service. How many people do you know that can whip up an igloo?

5. Put it in your hookah or bong 

Swap the water in your hookah (or bong, where it’s legal) for snow. The result is a smooth, refreshing hit. You’ll never want to use that fluoride-infested water again. But you’ll have to when winter is over. Womp, womp. You can test a few methods- snow, snow mixed with water, snow mixed with filtered water, whatever. If you try enough times, it won’t even matter anymore. Enjoy the journey.

Did we miss anything? What’s your favorite winter activity?

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