How to Avoid Being Obnoxious on the Slopes

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Winter is the season for bums. Wait, let me rephrase that. Winter is the season for ski (and snowboard) bums to shine! Yep, that’s better.

Mountain resorts are winter destinations for athletes of all skill levels. You can ski or snowboard your heart out, grab some food, meet new people, and have a grand time. When you pack a ton of people into one area, there will be chaos. Call me a dreamer, but I believe we can all share the mountain, have a great time, and leave without wanting to kick someone’s ass.

We can all make the mountain a harmonious place to play. Here’s some basic ski etiquette on how to avoid being obnoxious on and off the slopes.

Ski Resort Etiquette

If you follow these unwritten rules of skiing (that are now written), you’ll be the most popular person on the mountain. Who knows, maybe you’ll get special attention.

The Parking Lot

Pay attention to the lot attendant.

Of course, you’re excited to ski/snowboard. So is everyone else. Follow the attendant's directions so you can park as fast as possible. Don’t leave your door open while you’re getting ready; close it for the person parking next to you.

Don’t blast your music.

ski resort parking lot

Your loyalty to Hanson is admirable. But don’t expect everyone else to share your MMMBop enthusiasm. Turn your music down when you come into the parking lot, while you’re getting ready, and when you leave the lot.

Check your gear.

Double check your equipment before you hit those slopes. Make sure you have everything before you leave the car. You may need those brakes or leashes in case something unforeseen happens.

Be aware of traffic. When you’re walking to the slopes, be conscious of cars in the parking lot. You know, look both ways and all that jazz.

The Ticket Line

ski lift lines

Pick one person to stand in line.

The rest of your posse can make snow angels or take sips on the flask. This helps keep the line shorter. And if you insist on continuing to MMMBop, use earbuds. Besides, rocking out to music nobody can hear is a great conversation starter.

Review the responsibility code.

When you get your ticket, flip it over and read the responsibility code on the back. This single thing can save you from being “that dick on the mountain.”

Don’t litter.

These newfangled tech jackets all have pockets that hold things. You can even put your wrappers in them. Keep our mountains beautiful.

The Lift Line

Be mindful where you gear up.

Stay out of the way of other skiers/snowboarders. This will avoid unnecessary accidents (if you happen to clock someone in the mouth). It will also avoid questions from people getting in line.

ski lift

Be ready and alert.

Don’t cut in front of others. Have your pass out, prepared to show the attendant. Be aware of the difficulty of the terrain the lift is accessing before you get on. And know how to ski/snowboard that difficulty.

Pay attention to the lift attendant.

Listen to what they say. Don’t wait until you’re getting on the lift to ask questions. You have six to eight to ask a question (in a noisy line), you won’t get the answer you want.

Don’t swing or bounce the chair.

Read the signs on the towers. Don’t throw anything from the chair, flail, or jump. If you’re with a stranger, be courteous. Basically, be mature.

Skiing / Snowboarding


Read all signs.

They are there for a reason, pay close attention to them. If they confuse you, ask someone.

Follow the responsibility code.

It’s your job to know and follow the code, to avoid accidents. This is important. Be aware of other skiers and snowboarders at all times. Stay visible, stay in control, and keep your equipment under control (as much as possible).

If a skier is injured, make an X with their skis.

Doing this alerts other skiers or ski patrol. If it’s a snowboarder, stand their snowboard up in the snow. Whoever reports the accident should go to the nearest lift or ski patrol shack.


This one is the most important. 

Did we miss anything? What would you add to the list? Tell us in the comments.

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