5 Unusual Snow Activities to Keep You Delighted

What is it about winter that brings out the best in people? It must be the festive ambience of the holidays. Families getting together to sing and be merry. Strangers shoving each other for that $100 flat screen. Resolving to eat more veggies, just like we did the past five winters; but dammit, this year! Depending on where you are, you might be surrounded by white fluff.

 Winter Wonderland - ©️  Andrea Koerner

Winter Wonderland - ©️ Andrea Koerner

No no, I’m not talking about Aunt Betty’s five Pomeranians. I’m talking about the cold stuff. The beautiful, alabaster, powdery substance that falls from the heavens. The stuff that gives you a natural high.

That’s right, kiddies. Snow! Why, it’s the only reason any of us leave our house when it’s colder than an eskimo's scrotum, no?

 Snow Woman - ©️  Max Sang

Snow Woman - ©️ Max Sang

Of course, we all love to engage in the usual snowlympic events. Who doesn’t love to make snow angels? Or devils; nobody is judging you here. We’d all be remiss to go a snow day without building a three-tier snowperson. Or dog, or alien, or featureless blob. Whatever jingles your bells.

But what if you’ve made your angel and built your snow ma'am, and still have daylight to burn? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a list of 5 things you can do with snow that will provide hours of entertainment and keep you outdoors.


 Ice Bar - ©️  Morgan

Ice Bar - ©️ Morgan

1. Build a snow cave. 

Shovel that baby good. Make sure it’s nice and deep. When you’re done, set up a bar. The ice is already there and most liquors don’t freeze. In fact, while you’re at it, make a sign. Start an adult “lemonade stand.” Prepare to be the most popular person in the neighborhood.




 Snow Igloo - ©️  akaitori

Snow Igloo - ©️ akaitori

2. Build a fancy snow igloo.

Rent that thing out to passersby. You’ve already got the shovel handy. A Brooklyn man did it and listed his on AirBnB. If that doesn’t work out, surely you have extra cardboard from your bar sign. Listen, you’re providing a premium service. How many people do you know that can whip up an igloo?




 Snow Cooler - ©️  velo_city

Snow Cooler - ©️ velo_city

3. Keep your beer cold.

This is a necessity, no matter where you are. On a casual walk in the city? Grab a handful of snow and wrap your beer in it (hopefully with gloves). On a winter snowshoe hike? Reward yourself with an ice-cold brew. Just dig a hole, insert your beverage, and drink up. Nature’s koozie.



 LARPing with Icicles - ©️  Jeff Boyd

LARPing with Icicles - ©️ Jeff Boyd

4. LARPing with icicles.

Live Action Role-Playing is a popular game in some circles. You can be whomever you want for a few hours. (Don’t knock it 'til you try it.) Snap off a few icicles and wield them as weapons. Instant overlord status. But please, be careful. I don’t want to see you on the evening news unless it’s for your awesome cave bar.


 Snow Hookah - ©️  Justin Valas

Snow Hookah - ©️ Justin Valas

5. Put it in your hookah/bong. 

You can put snow in your hookah (or bong if you live in a state where it’s legal). The result is a smooth, refreshing hit. You may want to test a few methods of just snow or snow with water. Trial by error. If you try enough times, it won’t even matter anymore.

There you have it. Your Modern Outdoors list of snow activities. Go whoop it up all over Mother Nature’s frigid blanket. Have the time of your life. Be sure to report back and tell us about your antics and excitement.


Did we miss anything? What’s your favorite winter activity?


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