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Nicole Atkins, founder of Modern Outdoors ©️ Cassie Williams

Nicole Atkins, founder of Modern Outdoors ©️ Cassie Williams

Nicole learned to appreciate the value of “the great outdoors” at a young age. Growing up in the Pacific Northwest meant having a diverse choice of outdoor playgrounds at her disposal. She took full advantage of the region’s mountains, beaches, lakes, rivers, deserts, and more.

She scaled down her time with nature for a while to dedicate herself to school. Earning degrees in psychology and philosophy, she became an academic researcher. Though she loved the work, she realized academia wasn’t the place for her. Too much time in a lab made Nicole a dull girl.

Being a writer gives her more flexibility to do the things she loves.

She has over 25 years of experience spanning a variety of outdoor sports. Hiking, backpacking, running, mountaineering, climbing, bouldering, canyoning, kayaking, rafting, canoeing, snowshoeing, fishing, camping, cycling, and photography. 

She has done some wilderness guiding and training. She's first-aid certified, and even saved a life once. She's a passionate advocate of environmental stewardship, protecting public lands, and not being a douchebag when you're enjoying mother nature's gifts.

When she's not traipsing the backcountry, she's enjoying any number of hobbies:

  • Reading a book

  • Taking photos

  • Harassing her cat

  • Painting

  • Puddle jumping

  • Intentionally not learning to cook

She's also a contributor to The Dyrt, The Adventure Junkies, The Outbound, Outdoor Project, Camping for Women, Hike Like A Woman.


About the blog

With each click of the mouse, you can find an outdoor blog with information reaching every corner of the industry. Need a detailed trip report? You’re covered. Want to know the latest news about your favorite parks? Easy. Maybe you’re looking for trusted reviews of the season’s best gear. You can find that too. Authors new and old, willing to offer their experiences, perspectives, and hard-earned information. That's the benefit of the World Wide Web.

With the rising popularity of blogs, I've noticed a trend in the writing style of many online authors. A lot of content is "safe" or one-dimensional. It's no mystery why, with the behavior of online trolls and anonymous comments. The absence of accountability acts as a surrogate for permissibility.

I prefer to do things a little differently. Maybe it's my lifelong habit of holding unpopular opinions. Perhaps it's my deep-seated need for healthy philosophical discourse. It could be my odd blend of sarcasm, profundity, and lack of reserve. For whatever reason, I'm told I have an unconventional vision of the world and a bold sense of integrity, with a flair for the unusual. 

What I can promise is an honest, candid peek into my world. Blended with fact-based information. A look into the outdoors, in our modern age. A mix of editorial, art, philosophy, satire, and good old objectivity. I hope you find the material you read here educational, useful, amusing, thought-provoking, or even upsetting. Something is better than nothing.

Most of all, I want to invoke you to get outside. Don’t worry, the irony is not lost on me. ;-)